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Country Cabin Getaways cottages and cabin kits     Most of us are aware of the importance the country cabin has had in the shaping of our history and culture. The words country cabin usually bring about thoughts of seclusion and self-reliance, of getting away from our normal hectic day to day lives in our modern fast paced society.

     Sadly, I firmly believe that very few of us can efficiently relate to the real purity of life that cabin living must have provided back in the frontier pioneering days. Many also think that this level of simplicity and of total detachment is unrealistic and therefore unreachable. Regretfully, for too many people, living simpler and closer to nature automatically translates into a stressful transfer of their own suburban lives. A cabin getaway becomes a country home completely wired with everything today’s technologies have to offer. Life purity and simplicity escapes them completely and a unique opportunity of closeness, not only to nature, but to loved ones and good friends is lost without ever knowing it existed.


Pat and Céline Shank

    Over the years my wife and I began to lose the sense of passion for building true country escapes. The passionate potential clients with low budgets were turned away and simply, we forgot over time what we firmly believe is the single most important thing… enjoying life to the fullest, in its elemental form. Losing site of what is truly important in life is much too easy.

     Therefore, Country Cabin Getaways was created to reach a unique market of passionate individuals with limited budgets requesting nothing but a connection with nature through cabin ownership. In many cases, that also means not being connected to the electrical grid either to address environmental concerns or for reasons of pure isolation and self-reliance.


     We are well versed in alternative & renewable energy systems and environmentally sensitive design… construction is our main focus. Our main company, EverGreen Concepts Inc., specializes in design and home packages geared towards

Our office iin Perth
Our Office in Perth

environmental stewardship. We have always wanted to do our share and have demonstrated our full commitment to our fragile environment by showing others how it can be easily and economically achieved. Our home is based on light green concepts and is truly off-grid capable.

     Many options exist in order to keep cabin budgets reasonable even with an environmentally friendly approach. It’s simply a matter of keeping a clear

Our Model Home
Our Model Home

perspective while focusing on what is truly necessary to achieve ownership. It doesn’t have to mean dramatic compromises, but it does mean that people must remember the reason why many want to go for it in the first place and what a cabin symbolizes. 

    Leave what you don’t need and you may be amazed at how far your budget will take you…your life will also be positively changed forever.

Céline & Pat Shank
Owners: EverGreen Concepts Inc.


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